Kosa'aay (Cosoy) Has Problems

Our Kosa'aay (Cosoy) story is not being told, no recognition. Examples

Regional circulation problems have impacted Kosa'aay's (Cosoy) site and interpretation. Examples

City and State planners are trying to build regional circulation "improvements" that will further damage Kosa'aay (Cosoy), a protected National Historic Landmark. Their plans are the least expensive rather than the best regional traffic solutions.

An assault on Kosa'aay (Cosoy) and parts of Presidio Park in Old Town by the Mission Valley Community Planning Area. Documentation

The National Historic Landmark Protection for Kosa'aay needs to be exercised to preserve the site from impacts and to interpret the site for future generations. Kosa'aay is a major asset for San Diego, California, and the U.S.A. yet it is being destroyed by neglect.

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