Kosaii (Cosoy) Targeted For Freeway Interchange, Old Town San Diego


#1. Letter from City Transportation Planning to Urban Systems Associates, Inc. 22 Nov 00, explaining Traffic Model Run for CALTRANS Headquarters E.I.R. #2. Mission Valley Circulation Study Volume II Future Conditions Report dated May 2000. From CALTRANS Headquarters E.I.R. Also Mission Valley Community Plan. #3. Widening of Taylor St., new signals, interlinking of signals, & left turn from Marina Blvd. were imposed as mitigations of the CALTRANS Office, However, they were not required by the CALTRANS Office, but for the 2020 Regional buildout including Lindbergh Field Terminals at Pacific Highway and Washington Street. They were not reviewed for environmental impacts. #4 FEMA Letter dated July 12, 2007 about City request for retaining walls on Taylor Street. #5 Inspiration Point retaining walls..

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Gov't Planned Freeway Ramp Removals and Modifications