Preservation of Kosa'aay (Cosoy) 1929, 1978.
....Private preservation by Mr. George Marston in 1929, and later by his ....grandson Hamilton Marston, Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 and ....many other donors including Armistead Carter and the Thursday Club, ....1966.
....1978 National Historic Landmark protection for the town of Kosa'aay Recognizing the magnitude of the historic and compatible ....commercial importance of Old Town to California.
....1966 Old Town S. D. Community Planning Committee approved.
....1966 S. D. Historical Site Board’s register of all historic sites.
....1966 Old Town S.D. Architectural Controll District Ordinance
....1967 Economic Potential O. T. Comm., Econ. Research Bureau SD.
....1968 Old Town San Diego State Historic Park listed.
....1968 Old Town S. D. Community Plan approved
....1978 National Historic Landmark Status Presidio of San Diego
....1985 O.T. S.D. Business Mix/Merchandising Plan, Astone & Assoc.
....1987 Old Town S. D. Community Plan update approved.
....1987 Old T. S. D. Architectural Controll District Ordinance update.

Development Concept of Historic District, 1966.
....“••• recover and further enhance the area’s historical context •••”
Major Goals and Objectives of Community Plan, 1968.
....4. Develop policies for the recovery, reconstruction, or rehabilitation of ....historical structures and archeological sites.
....8. Reduce the need for continuing automobile-oriented street widenings developing a circulation network which is destination-oriented to Old ....Town San Diego, rather than through-traffic-oriented.
....Recommendation "Insure that within the area of Old Town San Diego ....the few remaining physical elements of the historic past are preserved ....•••"
Old Town's Primary Economic Asset, History.

Ordinances to Preserve O.T. & Kosa'aay (Cosoy)

Article, courtesy of San Diego Historical Society about this great public service.