This photograph is the right frame of a stereoview, on a Parker & Parker mount, that we suspect was taken before 1872. The camera was located on the North side of Taylor Street and was facing East, toward Presidio Hill.

The Serra Palms, 1769 are in the foreground and were planted in the center of Kosa'aay. Behind the smaller palm tree is the channel of a small stream with vegitation. This streem is also documented on Lt. Derby's 1853 field map of the San Diego River. This water source would have been an important factor in the location of Kosa'aay.

To the right of the stream is a fence surrounding the "Kings Garden" where the dead of the Portola-Serra Expedition were burried before the Presidio was built. This is the only known photo of the "Kings Garden".

From the corner of the fence is a feature that goes diagonaly to the left of the frame. This is the road to the main gate of the Presidio. On the hill are seen remnants of the Presidio Walls. The pole was probably a surveying monument. return

Parker & Parker 1872 Stereoview, Serra Palms, San Diego